About Darkfriend Social

Darkfriend Social is a social community inspired by the Wheel of Time. Talk about anything, connect with people and interests across the open social web, and swear your body and soul to the Great Lord of the Dark. The open social web, also sometimes referred to as the Fediverse, is “a collection of social networking services that can communicate with each other (formally known as federation) using a common protocol.” So while we may choose to find a home on a relatively small fandom-themed server, we can still engage with people and posts from the larger servers.

You can find our community at darkfriend.social and if you want to learn more about how we operate, check out our about page.

Darkfriend Social is paid for by our generous users and the server admin. We take donations through Ko-Fi or PayPal. See the Ko-Fi page for a description of costs and current funding goal.